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Bob's 40 Years of Business in the RV Industry

Bob Hunter Distributor is the National Factory Distributor of Tire-Protector tire pressure monitors (TPMS). Bob is a former president of the Executive Motorhome Club and a 30 plus member of FMCA # C1238.

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We pride ourselves on providing you, our customer, with the highest level of customer service. Please see the Contact page for more information on contacting us, or call use toll free at (800) 659-6339

TPMS - Protection

TPMS monitor

Tire-Protector's Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems provides a full range of TPMS's for RV's, SUV's, trailers, recreation vehicles, and commercial carriers.

All tires slowly lose air. You need to monitor and know when your tire pressure is low. Low tire pressure is dangerous. Dangerous to you. Dangerous to your loved ones. And, dangerous to other people on the road.

Low tire pressure can cause the following:
Our TPMS alerts you to these dangerous conditions.
TPMS tire sensor

Looking at the tire is not enough. A TPMS, or manual gauge, is the only way to know. A tire can lose up to half of its air pressure and not appear to be flat! Our tire pressure monitoring system, TPMS, alerts you to tire pressure lost and temperature gain. You know when a dangerous condition needs your immediate attention.

Monitor your tire pressure TPMS image

Tire-Protector's TPMS immediately alerts the driver of abnormal tire pressure by both visual and audible warnings. You are given timely warning to take corrective actions.

Easy to use, easy to install, and super easy to inflate tires with our TPMS Flow-Thru Sensors.