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TPMS monitor
TPMS Display Module
The low profile LCD Display module can easily be mounted on a convenient viewing location inside the cab. Iconic display shows tire statuses. The low and high pressure warning thresholds are user adjustable, as well as the high temperature warning threshold. The Display also features easy tire rotation programming by the user.


TPMS Sensor
TPMS Flow-Through Sensor-Transmitter
The wireless Sensor-Transmitter automatically monitors a vehicle tire and reports pressure and temperature readings to the Receiver. With a battery life of two to three years, the module will work reliably for a very long time. New batterys can be install with out changing the sensor. New technology allows the user to fill the tire without removing the sensor on the flow-through style of sensor.


TPMS cap for tire monitoring
tire pressure sensor locking
Cap-Style Sensor-Transmitter Module with Locking Mechanism
The traditional cap-style wireless sensor has now been updated to include a locking collar that secures the sensor to the valve stem for theft prevention. New battery can be installed without changeing the sensor.


TPMS cap for tire monitoring
CR1632 Sensor Batteries
Replacement Batteries fits all Tire-Pro Sensor - FREE Shipping on all battery orders.


Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems - TMPS

Tire Protector's TPMS provide accurate and cost effective tire pressure monitoring for your RV and/or tow car. Other less expensive TPMS products under real-world testing have shown failure to provide accurate reading within one year.

Our hi-temp TPMS Sensors help prevent blow-ups by constantly monitoring tire pressure and temperature. The portable TMPS system automatically monitors tire pressure and temperature on up to 22 tires for any towing configuration. The TMPS monitor alerts you with a flashing LED light and audible alarm when tire pressures or temperatures exceed pre-set thresholds. Easy-to-install, battery-powered sensors fit on tire valve stems with no need to remove tires from rims.

Your RV's TMPS sensors detect tire pressure and temperature readings every six seconds and transmit the data to your dash monitor every two minutes. You are instantaneously alerted if there is any issue. The easy-to-read TPMS monitor features a large illuminated display that shows tire pressure and temperature simultaneously. Easy-to-understand icons show you tire conditions at a glance. The TMPS system operates while stationary and in motion on the road.

With many years of RV, TMPS and personal service, Tire Protector can provide you with a Tire Pressure Monitoring system to fit your needs.